Fat Loss or Leaner Build

Burn Fat. Keep Muscle. Don't Starve.


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Jeidi here. Super excited to share our two body transformation programs as no contract month to month memberships so you can start and stop whenever you want or float from one into the other.

1. Fat Loss - Diet Rebellion

This is THE OG program we are famous for.

While we recommend most folks start here, it's not because it's easy or "dumbed down."

It's simply hyper focused on helping folks:

  • Shred down
  • Reveal their existing muscle base
  • Guide folks through what it means to eat with macros in place
  • Achieve and MAINTAIN a calorie deficit long enough to experience fat loss
  • Work through a lot of the food fears that prevent people from achieving long term results (ex. eliminate carbs completely, never eating processed foods like ever...)

It's a killer program!

2. Leaner Build

While it's possible to build SOME muscle during Diet Rebellion, LEAN MUSCLE BUILDING requires more food and more specific protocols in the gym.

We created Leaner Build out of the success of Diet Rebellion, actually.

Seeing our folks succeed through fat loss and now needing support into the next (scary and unknown) part of physique change. Fat loss IS NOT a 365 endeavor. To keep our crew healthy, strong, and metabolically adaptive, Leaner Build was our next step.

This program is hyperfocused on:

  • Building lean muscle through a workout program designed for muscle growth
  • Create new cuts in existing muscle through a workout program designed to slice and dice
  • Guide folks through what it means to EAT for lean muscle building with customized macros in place
  • Achieve and MAINTAIN a caloric range that promotes muscle building without stacking up unnecessary fat
  • Work through a lot of the food fears that prevent people from seeing results in the gym.

The sweatlocal Process... no matter which track you're on:

Customization - There are no meal plans. We work with your calories and macros (protein, fat, carb grams) based on your body weight, age, sex, activity level, and goals.

Education -

a. There are no "don't eat this food lists." We are sick and tired of this industry feeding people food fear to sell their products.

No food is inherently bad.

No food is inherently good.

We understand that might sound weird or scary at first, but food freedom is one of the biggest wins of either program.

b. We teach you how to work your favorite foods, meals, recipes into your calories and macros.

Communication -

Accountability is key. Both programs are set up so no one gets lost. You are synched with your coach on MyFitnessPal, as well as through a private portal. You are synched with your Diet Rebellion teamates, as well.

That means it's hard to do that thing you always do... hinding when things didn't go perfect!

Collaboration -

Because there is constant communication (both private and whole group) you are able to work through struggles and hiccups with input rather than

Data-driven -

We don't "shoot from the hip." We work with data and that means it's critical for you to know that both programs involve you tracking your calories and macros daily. Yes, it can get tedious. However, it is eye opening. And it's the only way to be truly accurate and understand your results or lack there of.

Pure Fat Loss or Leaner Build?  

I created Diet Rebellion in 2014 because I was sick and tired of watching men and women starve themselves all day, fear foods, over exercise to "erase" overeating, and experience massive food guilt tryna get #hothealthyhappy but eding up bloated or burned out.

I've amped things up in 2020 with a Leaner Build track because I'm sick and tired of watching men and women starve themselves all day, avoid lifting because they think that creates bulk, cardio their muscle away, and sprial into a training plateau because they don't know how to focus their time and energy in the gym.

So what am I getting into exactly? 

Diet Rebellion and Leaner Build are designed to be "Stay-At-Home"/Remote based programs. There are no mandated in person meetings that interfere with your quarantine or work/family life balance.

  • TRANSPARENCY Membership things - While your membership is month to month, do not expect changes in 4 weeks! We highly recommend everyone mentally commit to NO LESS than an 8 week process but expect 12 weeks.
  • Private Portal with your coach - Both programs keep you connected to your coaches through a PRIVATE portal. Your MyFitnessPal food logs, your progress pictures, and your personal data are known real time to your coach and no one else.
  • 24/7 Communication - Inside of your private portal you can message your coach privately and expect a response within 24 hours... in addition see below.
  • Face to Face Interaction - We've been doing this long enough to know that writing has it's communication barriers. We also use a video app to deep dive into topics. This video app allows us to chat with you one on one as well as in a bigger group setting to share ideas, recipes, and common questions.
  • Before & After - We are creating physique change! That means scale weight is NOT are #1 measure of success. We are looking at how your BODY is responding visually over time. These pictures are kept private and will not be shared with out explicit consent.
    6 Week Diet Rebellion Strength and Conditioning Program
    No more scrolling through Instagram to get your workout of the day. Your upper, lower, and cardio is DONE for you! You'll need one set of medium-weighted dumbbells, one mini-band, and one resistance band
  • Leaner Build - MANDATORY - YOU MUST BE participating in a strength-based workout program already and supplement w/ Leaner Build programming, be a sweatlocal member and supplement with Leaner Build programming, and or use the Leaner Build workouts to achieve results.

HANDBOOKS/GUIDEBOOKS - Each course comes with a handbook to get you started. What's inside those handbooks?

  • Coach Ashley's Costco run - Wanna know how Ashley shops and what she's cooking weekly for her fam? Of course, you do. It's everybody's favorite Marco Polo video that she does for her group!
  • 200g/150g of protein sample meal plan - How do Josh and Jeidi consistently manage hitting their protein and to preserve their muscle? We're pulling back the curtain for less think work!
  • Kitchen Guide - every participant is hooked up with easy recipes and hyperlinked grocery lists.

MEET COACHES Ashley, Jeidi, Elizabeth & Madisen

Ashley Tomalty

Hey, I'm Ashley. I am known as "the wrap queen" for eating wraps every day for lunch (and sometimes dinner too).

I love showing people how busy moms and wives can manage eating whole foods and cooking at home by keeping it SIMPLE.

I love working the lower body, and especially GLUTES!

I am a board-certified CRNP along with my personal training certification. I think it's safe to say, I enjoy understanding how the body works and how it can continue to work at it's best.

Jeidi Pippins showing plate of food

Jeidi Pippins

Hi! I'm the owner of Sweatlocal and I love working with beginners who are exploring nutrition and fitness. I'm here to help you figure out how to burn fat and keep muscle - all while NOT STARVING yourself for results.

I value your trust in your fat loss/physique change process. This program is a labor of love and is one of my favorite things we offer at Sweatlocal. I'd love to answer any of your questions about fat loss, building lean muscle mass, macros or how fat loss is NOT a 365-endeavor.

Still not 100% sure? Got a bunch of questions?

I get it. You could have no idea who I am or what sweatlocal is... and Diet Rebellion is a big commitment. Use the button below to email me anything that might be making you hesitate. I'll be checking my inbox so I can answer your questions personally.



How much weight can I expect to lose?
There is no way to guarantee results as each person comes in with unique circumstances, metabolisms, and goals.

However, we focus on your LOOK, not your scale weight.

In fact we could care less how much scale weight you lose. If your jeans fit, you feel good in your bathing suit, and you release your food anxiety, YOU'VE WON!

More often than not, this often looks like a 5lb scale weight loss for the 6 week program. Those who continue into a second round see the full picture.

Do I need to buy any supplements?
Nope. But most folks aren't getting enough protein for either fat loss or leaner build so many times folks end up getting a protein powder supplement.

What if I don't want to track?
Stay away from both programs then! We are not the right coaches for you.

What if I’m feeling anxious about being in a group with people I don't really know?
Totally normal but, I'll be honest, the folks with the best results are the ones that STAY ENGAGED. There have been very very few exceptions to that rule.

What if I want to do Diet Rebellion, but I’m not exercising?
Totally fine. Common. Your macros are built around that.

What if I want to do Leaner Build, but I’m unfamiliar with weight training?
I'd start with Diet Rebellion. The workout program in there is perfect for you!

I want to come to sweatlocal but my schedule doesn't work or I live out of town.
You can join our online programming now!