If there is an available slot in Diet Rebellion, a coach will be in contact with you. We want this program to be a wonderful and life changing experience for you, so we always schedule a call to get to know you, your goals, and past obstacles.

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Nutrition Coaching - Diet Rebellion

3 month membership

Fat Loss or Muscle Gain



UNLIMITED portal messaging & video support with your coach so that you can problem solve as real life happens.


Your nutrition program based on where you are at and where you want to go. Nothing is cookie cutter.


Weekly written and video check ins so that you and your coach can dig into the past week and plan for weeks ahead.

If you aren't already familiar with Trainerize then email

As a member at sweatlocal your workouts are housed here.

Adding the nutrition piece gives life to all the other elements you see in your dashboard - meal tracker, links to your smart watch, and becomes your central powerhouse for measurements, weight, progress pics, and workout progress as well.

Private Checkins

Written & Video Check Ins. Our app provides a private space for measurements, progress pictures, and all logging. Our program goes beyond an email response from your check in. There is constant interaction and real conversation which is one of the reasons people are so successful with us. Adjustments to your plan are important to us. We use your

Group Support

Optional but recommended. Crowd source ideas, learn from others, provide others with your own tips and tricks.

You don't have to do this alone.

You've never been scared of working for it.

Fact. People aren't scared to work hard. People aren't afraid to "give it their all." You're a member at sweatlocal after all.

Too busy and too tired after work and kids to THINK and PLAN for how to match their nutrition to their workout goals.

Give all that madness to your coach so all you have to do is follow instructions. You don't need another thing on your plate to manage!

Here's what your app turns into ...

Data Tracking

Central Calendar

App & Desktop Accessibility

In app tracker (no subscription to My Fitness Pal needed)


All features used

Optional Meal Support

Yup, complete w/ recipes!

They did it and so will you!

Ready to Reserve Your Spot?

Meet Your Coach beyond the studio...

Know who you want to work with? Wonderful. You can tell us that in your intake form and we will do our very best to add you to their roster.

Not sure? No worries. We read through your intake form and pair you up with a coach we believe has the best super super powers for you.


Nutrition Only

Coaching style:

Dieting is a skill set. I help clients build the the skills their goals require. "Not wanting it enough" or "getting more focused" is not people's real struggle.

Super Power:

I can take your cheat treat and turn it into your consistency tool.

My Story:


Nutrition Only

Coaching style:

I want you to keep it simple in the kitchen and at the grocery store. Life is complicated enough without a 35 ingredient recipe for dinner.

Super Power: I travel the globe, I enjoy drinks with friends, and I'm a busy mom. I don't say no to making memories with family but I also know what's not worth the calories. If that's the kind of "balance" you need to see in action, I'm your girl.

My Story:


Nutrition & Training

Coaching style: You don't need 15 new tasks. You need one or two big rocks to move your process forward. We're gonna focus on the boulders not the pebbles.

Super Power:

Once a teacher, always a teacher. What's difficult for you, simply becomes my lesson plan. I love to break down information into smaller pieces to make you successful.


Nutrition & Training

Coaching style: Sustainable progress is a mix of habit strategies, compassion, along with your log books and numbers. All three are not always needed to the same degree. My job as a coach is to tap into the missing piece.

Super Power: My degree in exercise science and my personal journey towards health give me the ability to understand the anxieties and fears behind changing the way we eat.

My Story:

I thought getting smaller would make me happy.

I thought I'd like the way I looked more if I could lose "just 5 more pounds."

Turns out, learning to manage my anxiety, strength training, having fun getting stronger, and understanding how my calories and macros influenced all of that was a major turning point.

I became a nutrition coach and personal trainer because I wanted to give others what those things had done for me.


Training Only

Coaching style:

Empowerment. I'm here to take all the think work out of your gym time. I'm not scared of your schedule, travel, available equipment, experience level, or physical limitations. Whatever has stopped you before doesn't stand a chance now.

Super Power: I'm a strength training fanatic, human anatomy nerd, and an organizational wizard. I promise, no matter where you're at, the right programming for your needs and my support will pave the path.

My Story:


Nutrition & Training

Coaching style:

I believe we are capable of more than we realize. My job as a coach is to believe this before you can believe it of yourself. I am your biggest cheerleader all the while holding you accountable to what you fear the most.

Super Power: Helping endurance athletes train and eat for their "crazy" goals. As a life long athlete, my goals have taken many shapes. I've gained a wealth of knowledge along the way that I cannot wait to share with you.

My Story:


Nutrition FAQ's

How much weight can I expect to lose in Diet Rebellion?

This depends on how lean you are already are, how long you've already been dieting down, and if your end goal is more lifestyle change vs a quick transformation for a specific event. We ask you all of this in the intake form.

What if I don't want to track my calories?

We are NOT the right program for you then. While we can provide you with a suggested meal plan and recipes our coaching is highly data driven.

Do I need to purchase any supplements?

Zip. Zero. Zilch.

What if I want to gain muscle vs lose weight or gain and lose?

Sounds fun! You will indicate this in your intake form. You MUST be weight training to achieve this so if you're not already weight training sign up for the nutrition and online programming option.