Your Mission if You Dare to Accept It: 20 CLASSES IN 30 DAYS

Challenge Dates have already passed for this year, but we still have great options for you!

First Class Free!
  • * Don't worry, your month begins with your first BOOKED CLASS, not the purchase date.


"How do I change the shape of my body?" "How many times should I workout?" "How can I get results fast?" "I workout but I don't even look like I workout!"

If that sounds like you, then sweatlocal DARES you to:

  • Complete 20 classes in 30 days and see what that kind of focus can do about the speedy results you're craving.
  • Experience the faster results you get by following a well thought out program vs randomly selecting Instagram workouts and doing "what looks cool" for the day.
  • Take out all the "think work" out of what you should do each day. There is so much freedom in letting us BOSS you around the gym for the next month :)!!

Tons of class times + online options

You're not locked into the same class times every week. Classes begin as early as 5 a.m. and as late as 5:30pm.

Workouts that create results!

Should you lift or do cardio? How many reps should I do? Is this heavy enough? Am I doing this right?

Let go of ALL that workout anxiety, my friend. sweatlocal has all of that figured out for you.

Plus, a brag rights prize!

Not that you need anything but real results, but, after all that work, bragging rights are well deserved. Amiright?!?!

I want to learn more about Sweatlocal


We help normal people become hot, healthy and happy.

We are a class based collective personal training studio taking a #muscleandmindset and #gritandgratitude approach to how we train and educate our clients. 

As a group of certified personal trainers we are in charge of creating our own classes and programs but methodically plan and coordinate as a team to ensure we help you create a strong and lean physique while preventing injury and over training.  

Our monthly schedule changes to prevent adaptation and includes high and low impact classes so that joints are strengthened not battered. Our studio seeks to provide you the motivation and sound training needed to make fitness and health a lifelong commitment.